What is Inrobin?


Inrobin is a digital IIoT platform that connects industrial clients with insurance companies and uses machine learning techniques in order to identify risks, predict future outcomes and identify optimisation potential in their users process. Data from industrial machinery is processed and insights provided to the users.

What does the platform do?


Inrobin has trained its machine learning algorithms using industrial data sets and achieved an accuracy in detecting breakdown with more than 80%. Different machine learning techniques are applied and the most fitting one used in order to predict the near future (up to a day). For each prediction, the confidence interval (the range in which the future value will fall with a probability of 95% percent) is given.

How does Inrobin protect and use my data?


Inrobin puts a lot of effort in the safety and security of its client’s data. We use the latest standards to be compliant with regulation. Learn more at inrobin.com/privacy Inrobin uses the provided data only for the determination of premiums and to provide the analysis on the platform. Inrobin handles the data with highest confidentiality and safety and can only see the information inputted in the registration process. The rest is automatized and is only processed by the algorithms of Inrobin.

How can I contact Inrobin?


Inrobin is always available via mail hello@inrobin.com. In the future, we plan the integration of a chatbot or the possibility to directly communicate with the users via the message channel in the platform. If you have any questions we would be happy to arrange a call with you or someone from your company.

How do I connect a machine?


Machines can be connected in different ways. Currently, Inrobin allows the connection of machinery to its platform via MQTT or API. In the near future, we plan to expand the possibilities by which clients can connect to the platform. Each machines allows a different type of connection. If a user registers for the first time, the registration of a machine will be required. The ”?” symbols in the registration process guide a user through the process.

The connected machine is then displayed in the home overview. First insights will be displayed after a week of connection. If a machine is already connected, new machines can be added via the button Add machine in the left navigation bar by Managers and Administrators. The registration process is the same as for the first application.

I have forgotten my password. What should I do?


Users can reset their password by clicking on the button Forgotten password in the Inrobin Log in page. An email is sent to the mail account used for registration. Accounts not previously registered will not be recognised.

How do I amend information to one of my machines?


If the information is outdated or not correct anymore, it can be amended by clicking on the gearwheel next to the machine name (left navigation bar). You can choose ‘Edit machine details’ to change information such as machine name, type of connection, etc.

Which functionalities will be implemented in the future?


Inrobin is expanding the functionalities of its platform continuously and assessing the needs of its users in order to provide the best possible solutions to the problems industrials are facing today. Inrobin invites its users to point out problems and give suggestions for future applications. Your feedback will help us to improve! Send your suggestions to hello@inrobin.com or contact a member of the team.

Where can I find a demonstration of the platform? Can I find schedule a demonstration?


Inrobin is currently looking to connect with industrial companies and tests the models it has developed. Send us an email to hello@inrobin.com and we will arrange a demonstration with you or a member of your company.

What are the differences between users (Technician, Manager, Administrator)?


Inrobin has three different user profiles for its platform: Technician, Manager and Administrator. The different user profiles differ in the access authority and rights and are set when creating a new user. Here is a table with the different user roles and his rights:

             – Profile Creation – Adding initial company info
             – Create new users
             – View/Add/Edit/Delete machines
             – Close insurance contracts
             – Add automatic renewal
             – Unsubscribe (from Help page)
             – Editing company info
             – Create new users
             – View/Add/Edit/Delete machines
             – Close insurance contracts
             – Add automatic renewal
             – Dashboard Overview tab
             – Machine Overview tab
             – Machine Performance tab
             – Machine visibility filtered by locations assigned (can only see machines to locations they are assigned to)


New users can be added by Administrators by going to the Administration page. The Administrator can add a User by clicking on the “+” sign. A new user needs a name, an email, a user role and a location. The new user will receive an invitation to complete his/her sign up by creating a password for the new account.


What is a trial?


Inrobin is offering industrial companies test the platform. This is a unique possibility to connect their machinery for free and provide industrial data to the platform in order to gain new insights about their industrial processes provided.

What happens if my machine is not IIoT enabled yet?


Contact us to hello@inrobin.com and we will try to find a solution for your company and assets. Meanwhile, you can sign up into the platform and upload performance data manually. This will be equally assessed by our algorithms.

How do I provide data for the trial? Do I have to connect my machine?


In the insurance section the user can upload documents on the machine and the process. There, png .jpg .pdf .csv .xls .xlsx .txt documents containing performance data or documents related to your assets can be uploaded. If you have the files in other formats contact us and we will get it sorted.

What is the benefit for participating in the trial?


Inrobin has developed unique industrial machine learning algorithms. These algorithms can be used equally to identify anomalies in the process, identify risks and predict breakdowns for industrial processes. Inrobin will provide regular updates on the insights gained and offer three reports free of charge. After the third month, the trial ends with a final presentation and an insurance quotation. If you sign up for trials your company will benefit from preferred treatment once the platform is open to a wider audience.

How do I start the trial?


Simply get in touch at hello@inrobin.com and ask for a trial. A team member will provide you with the password for accessing to the sign up page.

How long does the trial last?


Inrobin will process the data coming from the machine using its machine learning algorithms over a three-month period. The three month-period starts after completion of the registration process. A member of Inrobin might get in touch with the company if more documents are needed or problems during sign up are identified.

What happens after the period ends?


You will be able to judge by yourself and keep benefiting from our platform’s insights and insurance management tool. If so, we will be happy to offer your company a special price as first movers along with a real insurance coverage.

Are the trials totally free of charge?


The trials are conducted for free for the full period of three months since registration. Aft this period, if the user wishes to continue benefiting from the services provided by Inrobin, your subscription will continue after the insurance quotation for a data processing and administrative expenses fee.


What affects my premium?/ How are premiums calculated?


Premiums are calculated using machine learning algorithms that are trained to identify the risks of the connected machinery as well as the probability of a breakdown. The machine learning algorithms have been trained based on industrial data sets in order to quickly adjust to each connected machine and have an accuracy of at least 80% for detecting risks.

Who is insuring my machine?


Currently, Inrobin is working with a major insurance company to offer you a quotation and an insurance coverage. However, feel free to give us your insurance carriers’ key person and we will explain them the benefits of Inrobin platform.

Which risks are covered by Inrobin?


Inrobin can cover losses from certain types of breakdowns, providing a machinery insurance or a machinery loss of profit insurance. Further coverages will be added in the future.

Can I let my machine insured even when it is not connected?


Unfortunately, Inrobin does currently not offer an insurance for assets not connected as they cannot be monitored for riks assessment.

How does the balance work? What if my gross profit turned lower this year?


If it turns out that the company has had a lower gross profit unrelated to breakdowns, the user will be reimbursed for the higher premium he paid.