Good prediction links to good performance


Founded in August 2017 by a group of multidisciplinary researchers from Edinburgh (Scotland), Inrobin tackles the problem of risk management and underwriting of complex industrial machinery.

Our team is formed by a mixture of Machine Learning, actuarial science and industrial management passionate-people. We want to create a reliable space for both industrial companies and insurance carriers which will improve efficiency in an increasingly interconnected environment.

We receive support from the University of Edinburgh and the Politechnical University of Barcelona and we've been funded by Scottish Enterprise and angel investors.


Meet our team

Jose-Maria Guerra

Chief Marketing Officer

Before creating Inrobin, Jose-Maria 'Pepe' worked for several insurance companies, magic circle's Clifford Chance and his family-owned law firm. He also worked for Spanish car part manufacturer and continues to develop PhD research and tutoring at the University of Edinburgh.

Martin Kreer

Chief Executive Officer

Prior to starting Inrobin, Martin worked for EY, German bank L-Bank and Chemische Fabrik Budenheim (Dr. Oetker Group). Martin’s financial expertise is key to our risk valuation, Machine Learning and insurance models as well as to the overall management of the project’s finances.

Lara Neira

Data scientist & CTO

Lara co-founded Inrobin while in her last year of PhD in Machine Learning and Statistics at the University of Edinburgh. She has a track record in quantitative finances having worked for Banco Pastor and Trinity College Dublin. She has held numerous advanced developer positions and masters several programming languages, driving Inrobin's technology.

André Faroni

Electromechanical engineer

Andre creates practical engineering designs and solutions for Inrobin’s clients. He has worked in industrial facilities for all his professional career.

David Fernández

Software Developer

David is a Software Engineer with significant experience in developing robust and scalable data platforms. He keeps a keen eye on detail, anticipating and solving problems while building out our platform.

Minerva Martin

Risk Analyst

Minerva leads the operational efficiency modeling and risk valuation analysis at Inrobin. As a PhD at Edinburgh University Minerva specializes in mathematical modeling design and programming, focusing in the field of Operations Research.

Anxo Asensio

Software developer

Anxo is a skilled software developer and brings a great deal of resources to the team. He develops in Python and other programming languages and solves any issue that arises. His resolutive attitude pushes the Inrobin forward".


Gareth Peters

Chair Professor for Risk and Insurance

Prof. Dr. Gareth W. Peters is the 'Chair Professor for Risk and Insurance' in the Department of Actuarial Mathematics and Statistics, in Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, with previous positions at University College London and University of New South Wales.

Gareth is the incoming Director of the Scottish Financial Risk Association and has published in excess of 150 peer reviewed articles on risk and insurance modelling. He is providing us with constantly helpful advice and observations through his excellent knowledge in actuarial science and machine learning. Gareth is an affiliated fellow of Inrobin since 2018.

Demian Smith

Former CEO of Starstone Insurance

Demian Smith is a senior insurance executive with deep expertise in all stages of the business lifecycle and the insurance market. His 25-year career in both Broking and Underwriting in the Global Speciality Insurance Market that saw him ascend from a graduate trainee at Lloyd’s of London to CEO of StartStone Insurance.

Demian’s profound knowledge combined with strategic thinking and passion for learning makes him a perfect match to Inrobin’s specific technology. He has been a much-valued advisor to Inrobin since January 2019.