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IIoT platform enabling predictive maintenance of your industrial assets
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Predictive analytics

Enable an early prediction of your machinery behavior with a ML platform that detects anomalies and lets you plan your maintenance

IIoT Connectivity

You can connect to Inrobin’s platform with the main IIoT protocols: MQTT, OPCUA, MT Connect…

OPEX Reduction

Your company will benefit in 90 days, improving performance and better OPEX, rising reliability and availability of your assets


Data-driven industry

Inrobin’s ML & IIoT Platform allows to mitigate industrial risk through predictive maintenance for industrial environments (Maintenance 4.0. platform).

Our system is agnostic and works in any industry. Explore the industries and schedule a demo (
Data visualization
Connect your industrial data securely and automatically since its source to results visualization.
Inrobin’s database

Store the data in Inrobin’s database, conceived to propagate it within the system only for machinery prognosis

Organize your maintenance

Visualize the insights given by the models and organize your maintenance accordingly to become a real Industry 4.0.

We enable predictive maintenance for industrial environments.

Our customers can already benefit from:


breakdown reduction


reduction in downtime


machine breakdowns analysed


Data-driven industry

Our CMMS is a simple to use tool that will enable a lean process to your plant operators.  The Gold subscription includes unlimited users and a mobile APP. If you want to enable predictive maintenance, the Platinum subscription is your plan.



Food processing

Food processing involves a vast amount of machines. Taking the right decisions includes creating correlations between the variables that affect positively or negatively to the quality of your food. More info

Pulp & Paper

Pulp & Paper producers face highly demanding situations due to the maturity of the market. Low margins oblige to maximize production while securing machinery reliability through appropriate predictive maintenance programs. More info


Sugar production has boilers as a core element in the production. Boilers have been a traditional productive asset that roots back into the 1st industrial revolution. In this 4th industrial revolution, data can unlock even more potential. More info


Producing a car is a complicated process that is developed under tight schedules. An unpredicted breakdown can result in losses of thousands. Tier 1 companies are well placed to implement Maintenance 4.0. to increase reliability in the whole automotive value chain. More info

Oil & Gas

Energy and Oil & Gas sectors face the challenge of asset lifetime monitoring. Predictive analytics helps managers to prognose the life of an asset, enabling better decision-making and appropriate decommissioning. More info


Accurately collect, manage, clean and analyse machinery data to prevent breakdowns and associated losses, providing suggestions and complete reviews to improve asset maintenance can change how textile machinery is managed. More info

Steel, cement & Infrastructure

Steel & Infrastucture industries produce heaps of data that are collected but barely analysed. Our IIoT connectivity enables a state-of-the-art ad-on to the business that optimists production, energy consumption, raw material... More info